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The power of the platform: How a trusted network delivers outcomes that are a win for all

Dark gray background with images of Power of the platform webinar hosts Scott Johnsen and Seth Joseph

If you missed our live webinar featuring speakers Seth Joseph, Managing Director of Summit Health, and Scott Johnsen, VP of Product at Kalderos, you can now view or download the full webinar here.

The webinar explores how platform solutions are uniquely positioned to solve healthcare’s most stubborn challenges. One area that’s particularly ripe for innovation is Drug Discount Management.

Covered in this webinar:


  • How healthcare stakeholders can leverage a trusted platform to realize exponential value
  • Why building on an existing platform supports a more flexible product suite
  • How Kalderos Discount Monitoring can transform your team’s Drug Discount Management workflow

You won’t want to miss this conversation on Drug Discount Management’s transformational moment—and the power of the platform to create win-for-all outcomes in patient health. 


Download webinar presentation