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Mapping the "Great Unknown": How a tech-enabled data platform reveals the steep cost of noncompliant drug discounts

Mapping the


How can we get a big picture view of the unknown levels of drug discount program noncompliance? 


In this recorded webinar event, Micah Litow, Kalderos President & COO and Scott Johnsen, Kalderos VP of Product, dive deep into the challenges faced by drug manufacturers looking to identify costly duplicate discounts. 


Together with Kalderos Customer Success Director Vishali Amin, they'll explore the murky scale of noncompliance and reveal the tech-enabled solutions from Kalderos that are shining a light during this critical moment for drug discount program integrity. 


Covered in this webinar:


  • The data gaps manufacturers face around noncompliance – and why these data gaps still exist
  • The cost of these data gaps, from both a revenue perspective and the operational impact on teams 
  • The limitations in today’s infrastructure that make this not just an organizational challenge, but an industry one 
  • Kalderos’ vision for a holistic, lasting solution that delivers value across the industry 

See how Kalderos is focused on a future where gathering, sharing and analyzing data becomes a lot easier in our 2022 annual report.