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Meet Maury Anderson, Kalderos’ new Sr. Director of Product Strategy – Medicaid Solutions

Maury Anderson, Senior Director of Product Strategy

Hi there! My name is Maury Anderson. I recently joined Kalderos as the Sr. Director of Product Strategy – Medicaid Solutions, and I want to tell you why. 


My first job out of college was as a pharmacy technician. I loved learning about drugs and helping patients, but the rigors of retail life weren’t for me. When one of my colleagues told me about an opening for an MDRP rebate analyst with a locally based PBM, I jumped at the opportunity to learn another segment of the pharmaceutical industry.  


I worked as an analyst on multiple state accounts for 4 years. Then, opportunity knocked again when I was recruited to manage the rebate department. At this point, I was fully invested in the success of rebates on behalf of the states I supported and I was excited to do more! 


The new role allowed me to step back from the day-to-day work of invoicing and dispute resolution and look at our company’s offering more holistically. I became more involved in our procurement process and in meeting with our existing and prospective state clients. Sitting with those state contacts and learning about the struggles they faced was eye-opening, and thinking about ways to help was motivating and inspiring.  


The struggles they faced were similar from state to state, but their solutions were not. With each new state, I learned that there was plenty of room for interpretation of federal guidance and states interpret differently. Consistency and clarity seemed to be missing. I hoped to do something about it. I started reading all of the CMS State releases, considering how they impacted my work and my team, but also exploring the different perspectives from which they could be interpreted.  


From there, I started talking.


The pharmacists on my staff were extremely knowledgeable and offered great perspective and insights. So did the rebate pharmacists at state Medicaid agencies with whom I’d nurtured relationships. 


I compiled my thoughts and what I learned, then branched out to speak to others in the industry. I joined multi-faceted work groups and spoke at conferences, because I was excited to inform others about what I had learned, and to learn from them. Through conversation and collaboration, I felt we could make a difference. 


What I found was that there was an appetite for change, but no vehicle to affect it.  


I’d been in a leadership position with the rebate department for 10 years when opportunity knocked again, this time in the form of Kalderos. Kalderos was built on an appetite for change... with a vision for how to affect it! Daily questioning of the status quo and exploring the right way to do things is in the Kalderos DNA. I’d discovered the next logical step in my drive to make a difference. In February of 2021, I joined the Kalderos team.


In my new role at Kalderos as Senior Director, Product Strategy- Medicaid Solutions, I’m focusing on the state perspective and how Kalderos can fit into solutions for states. To start, I’m looking at ways to improve upon the existing dispute resolution process. Right now that means educating the team about the timelines states must follow and about the struggles states have with all of the demands around the MDRP. Together, we’re identifying ways Kalderos can help.    


Dispute resolution isn’t going anywhere, but it shouldn’t be so cumbersome to manage. We have a lot of great ideas for additional functionality to provide once we’re able to solidify our dispute process with states.


I remain dedicated to making an impact through conversation and collaboration. Recently, my Kalderos colleagues and I sent all our state contacts a survey requesting feedback on a new product we’re building. If you received the survey but haven’t had the opportunity to fill it out, we’d still love to hear from you. We want to make sure that our product-in-progress makes sense to you and that you’ll find it an easier way to complete dispute resolution. 


Any other comments or questions? Reach out to me any time at I look forward to continuing our conversations and sparking new ones.