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In STAT virtual event, Kalderos CEO Brent Dover shares how tech can improve transparency in the health system

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In STAT virtual event, Kalderos CEO Brent Dover shares how tech can improve transparency in the health system


Kalderos sponsored a recent STAT News virtual event focused on drug pricing reform. As part of this important discussion with key stakeholders, our CEO Brent Dover introduced the panel with remarks highlighting the importance that technology can play in making medicines more accessible and affordable, particularly in drug discount programs.


Harnessing technology to drive transparency and efficiency in the system


At Kalderos, we see firsthand how drug discount programs, like Medicaid’s drug discount program and the 340B program, deliver extraordinary benefits to patients and the hospitals that serve them. But we've also seen the headwinds they face in a drug pricing system complicated by misaligned incentives, data integrity concerns and a frustrating lack of transparency.


We know each stakeholder in this space is working with the absolute best intentions, and that is why our mission at Kalderos is to support and assist all parties to ensure this system works better for everyone. 


We believe utilizing cloud-based technology to cultivate transparency and efficiency will dramatically improve these drug discount programs for the hospitals and patients that rely on them.


Accessible solutions for all stakeholders


That vision of a more transparent and efficient system is what gets us up every morning. Our platform provides an easy-to-use, secure and efficient way to share data between stakeholders. It also gives stakeholders important flexibility so that if and when laws and rules do change, no one will be stuck with yesterday's technology. 


We're enabling drug discount programs to function as intended, without reducing patient access or impeding pharmaceutical innovation. In doing this, we have seen a world of possibilities open up by building more visibility into this complicated ecosystem. 

Learn more by watching Brent’s remarks and the panel discussion here.